Monday, July 12, 2010

WDNR - Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

WDNR - Deer Hunting in Wisconsin: "Deer Hunting in Wisconsin
Current Focus

Wisconsin is recognized as one of the premier deer hunting states in the nation as Wisconsin is home to a thriving deer herd. Wildlife habitat changes during the past century due to farming, logging, and urban expansion have led to the evolution of new method for managing our deer populations in an attempt to control their numbers under a wide array of habitats and social conditions.
Wildlife biologists in Wisconsin have developed population models for deer. The model depends on information gathered primarily from the hunters themselves. Such information includes the actual number of deer harvested annually, and the sex and age of each animal. When applied to a specific geographical 'unit,' it is possible for biologists to accurately estimate the number of deer living in that unit. They can then estimate the numbers that may be harvested to keep populations at healthy levels that are socially acceptable to both hunters and nonhunters alike. For more information, please feel free to read 'Wisconsin's Deer Management Program: [PDF 1.72MB], The Issues Involved in the Decision-Making.'"

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